Raw Cocoa Nibs (25 Kg Bags)

Raw Cocoa Nibs (25 Kg Bags)

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Raw Cocoa Nibs

Wondering about fine flavor cocoa nibs ready to use them so you start a bit ahead.

By default we supply them raw but please contact us for tailor roasting (low, medium, or dark) nibs made with our cocoa beans.

The same flavors from our beans but roasting enhanced. Any cocoa nib

Arauquita Bean

Complex yet delicate citrus, honey and nutty flavors between 91% to 94% fermented cocoa beans.

Ariari Bean

Tropical fruits combined with molasses and rum flavors enhanced by 90% to 95% fermented cocoa beans. 

Cubarral Bean

The first appreciations coincided with notes of Andean berries and smoked flavors. Obtained from one strain heirloom cacao, this cocoa bean is 95% fermented cocoa beans. Tested for the flavor profile.

Chigorodó Bean

The terroirs crafted flavors on these cocoa beans to give a unique floral-herbal with tropical fruit notes. 90% fermented cocoa beans.

Mceo Bean

Comes in flavors of fruity berries, spicy herbs, and sparkling pineapple flavor notes. Four different options: three heirloom cocoa Single variety and one blend.  All 90% fermented.

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