About Us

Value Proposition

What is the difference between us and your regular cocoa supplier?

First, we are farmers growing our own cocoa and we also work with other estate farms willing to deliver a high standard fine flavor quality.  Second, we look to partner long term with chocolate makers interested in unique cocoa beans to jointly develop fine cocoa products.

We offer:

  • Custom fermentation processes to fit specific requirements;
  • Steady supply of blends or singles origins of beans dedicated;
  • Freshly harvested cocoa beans stored less than one year;
  • Carefully packaging to preserve fine flavor characteristics of cocoa;
  • Estate farm cocoa beans;
  • Full traceability of cocoa beans;
  • Organically produced although NOT certified;
  • Direct trade from the Farm;
  • Investment possibility of buying future cocoa production acreage in our plantations.

Cacaitos works directly with Colombian farmers to cultivate fine cacao beans used for delicatessen chocolate products. The relationships that Cacaitos has formed directly with world-renowned Colombian cocoa farmers allows for ethical trade and excellent products. High quality, fairly tradedand organically produced, these beans cater well to the growing popularity of specialty store chocolate – dark, craft, or fine flavorAll beans can be customized to create gorgeous flavors unique to the chocolatier who tailors their order. Ultimately, Cacaitos cocoa beans work perfectly as a cocoa bean vendor in the Bean-to-Bar movement. 

Cacaitos has also created its own two-ingredient chocolate bar, currently being sold directly through ecommerceThey are “real chocolate bars,” having over 70% cacao, they hold exquisite flavor and are considered a superfood. Studies have shown this superfood can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, lower the risk of heart diseases, is a powerful source of antioxidants, an excellent source of antioxidants and an immune booster.  

Cacaitos is run by a passionate entrepreneur who believes in the quality of Colombian cocoa beans, delivered ethically to support the growing number of ambitious Chocolatiers who have joined the Bean-to-Bar movement. Thank you. 

How it's Made

Check out this video featuring our fresh cocoa beans!