Arauquita Beans
Arauquita Beans
Arauquita Beans

Arauquita Beans

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Arauquita Bean

Complex yet delicate citrus, honey, and nutty flavors between 91% to 94% fermented cacao beans. Pick from standardized blends or one single cacao strain.

Blend 1

Blend 1 (Citrus flavors with different intensity and balance of honey-molasses. 92% fermentation - from 3 varietals @ $28/kilo.)

Blend 2

Blend 2 (Classic chocolate flavor with almonds and dry fruits. 92% fermentation - from 4 varietals @ $28/kilo.)

Blend 3

Blend 3 (Tangerine grapefruit flavor and sweet tropical fruits. 91% fermentation - from 5 varietals @ $28/kilo.)

Arauquita Single

Arauquita Single (Tangerine flavor. Third Generation Orinoco Region heirloom cacao, known for quality and productivity. 90% fermented @ $28/kilo.)

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