Chocolate Kg Blocks

Chocolate Kg Blocks

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Chocolate Kg Blocks

Specially intended for cacao enthusiasts and chocolatiers fetching for origin flavors beyond the market, we offer our two ingredients (cacao and sugarcane juice) chocolate blocks in a Kg format. Choose between 73% and 80% cacao content @ $85/kilo.

Arauca 80%

Fruity flavor profile with a hint of tamarind and almonds.

Arauquita 74%

Complex yet delicate citrus, honey flavors.

Ariari 73% or 80%

Tropical fruits combined with molasses flavors. 

Chigorodó 74%

The terroirs crafted flavors on these cocoa beans to give a unique floral-herbal with tropical fruit notes.

Guamal 80%

Woody and earthy flavor profile obtained from one strain heirloom cacao.

San Vicente 80%

Nutty flavors with an aftertaste twist to dry fruits (apricots, prunes and cherry notes)

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