Paste 100% Cacao

Paste 100% Cacao

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Paste 100% Cacao

Cacao mass 100% refined to 30 microns @ $45/kilo.

Choose among our fine cacao beans we have in stock and place your order.

Arauquita Bean

Complex yet delicate citrus, honey and nutty flavors between 91% to 94% fermented cacao beans.

Ariari Bean

Tropical fruits combined with molasses and rum flavors enhanced by 90% to 95% fermented cacao. 

Cubarral Bean

Notes of Andean berries and smoked flavors. Obtained from one strain heirloom cacao, 95% fermentation.

Chigorodó Bean

The terroirs crafted flavors on these cacao beans to give a unique floral-herbal with tropical fruit notes. 90% fermentation.

Mceo Bean

Comes in flavors of fruity berries, spicy herbs, and sparkling pineapple flavor notes. Four different options: three heirloom cacao Single variety and one blend. 90% fermentation.

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